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TYAN S5102 (ver. 1.­10) ZIP udgivet 2004.03.25.

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Kategori Bundkort
Mærke/Producent TYAN
Enhed S5102
Operativsystem BIOS
Version 1.­10
Filstørrelse 343 Kb
Filtype ZIP
Udgivet 2004.03.25
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TYAN TOMCAT i875P (S5102) BIOS V1.­10 New features and Fixes : * Solved issue with AHA-2930LP and a SCSI CD-ROM * Updated CPU temperature readings * Improved Hard Drive compatibility * Fixed system hang error when changing CPU from FSB 800 to FSB 533 or FSB400 * Updated Intel NIC 82547 PXE Option ROM to v1.­2.­17 * Patch PQI memory stick could not boot issue * Fixed system can't boot from "ACCUSYS ACS-7500 RAID SYSTEM" HDD box * Auto Fan control support for PCB version PON or later * Patch system can't boot form OnSpecInc 90C46 CF card reader * Make 100Mhz host clock accurately * Patch CPU and Power FAN string in BIOS setup menu hardware monitor if motherboard PCB version before PON.­

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