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TYAN S5102 (ver. 1.­12) ZIP udgivet 2004.10.27.

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Kategori Bundkort
Mærke/Producent TYAN
Enhed S5102
Operativsystem BIOS
Version 1.­12
Filstørrelse 343 Kb
Filtype ZIP
Udgivet 2004.10.27
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TYAN TOMCAT i875P (S5102) BIOS V1.­12 New features and Fixes : * Updated CPU Micro Code support for * Celeron D CPU's (Will support P4 533MHz Prescott * CPU NOT P4 800MHz Prescott CPU's) * Added ASF Support * Console Redirect over COM1/­COM2 selectable * Console Redirect cable supports hot plug and play * Fixed an issue where after installing OS and configuring the bios with PXE boot on 10/­199 adapter,­ the system will hang during POST (8Bh) after each soft reboot * Added PXE boot to both i82547GI/­EI Nic's * Fixed an issue where the i82547GI was not found in the Bios setup menu * Support automatic detection of SMDC Card &­ SMDC Function 1.­ Add SMDC item in the Console Redirection Function 2.­ BIOS will detect SMDC Card automatically when SMDC item is turned on 3.­ The Console Direction will set relative items automatically when SMDC item was turned on 4.­ Default setting of relative items: Baud Rate = 19200 bps Agent address = 2F8h Agent after = Enabled 5.­ Support auto update MAC Address of SMDC Card 6.­ This function works on Intel GbE i82547EI/­GI

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